Welcome to the Dension Sherpa Support page.

Wi-Fi Setup

Set up your device's wireless connection. You will need the SSID and the password. Please remember the SSID is case sensitive. It comes useful when you do not have your LAN cable or there is only Wi-Fi connectivity available.

Wi-Fi Setup

Meaning of LED signals of ISR devices running firmware version 3.0 or above

Label set #1 Label set #2 Meaning
Power Power light is on, if device is under supply and turned on
Network Internet light is on, if the device is connected to network
Internet Stream light is on, if Internet can be accessed (successful heartbeat to Dension Sherpa)
Status Status light is on if operating normally,
light off if not playing content,
slow blinking (0.5Hz) means the device is playing from fallback source,
fast blinking (2Hz) means device is in limited mode,
very fast blinking (10Hz) means device encountered error and is not playing but according to settings it should